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You can become a member right now. The first step is simply to complete the form below. Being a member doesn’t mean you have to attend meetings or consultations. If you want to become more involved, you can, with the support of all the EPCF members behind you if you need it.

As a member you can choose to:

  • Just receive useful news and information. You needn’t attend meetings. We hope you will find the information we provide very useful.
  • Receive news and information and share your views in surveys and focus groups at a level you are comfortable with.

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Becoming a Member

You can begin by simply providing us with some basic details on the form below. We can then contact you to complete more detailed information later and you can tell us at what level you want to be involved. 

For your information, to be a member, you must be a parent or carer of someone under the age of 25 who you consider to have a disability or additional need and either you or the child/young adult must live in Ealing. This includes parents/carers of those children attending out of borough schools/residential provision whose education/care is funded by Ealing.

We use the term carers to include foster carers and anyone who regularly spends time caring for a disabled person and who is not paid to do so.

The full registration (which we will carry out later) will ask you a series of questions about you and the child/young adult you care for. This more detailed information will allow us to represent all members more accurately so that we can track certain conditions for example.

We will never share your details with third parties and will only use anonymous details to support our aim of providing better services for children and families.

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